For 20 years Metz Fire & Rescue has been a leader in the Fire & Rescue equipment business. Today, we are dedicated to delivering high value, state of the art fire trucks to the Canadian marketplace.

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It's Not Enough To Take Your Standard Truck And Call It WIldland

KME Knows That The Off-Road is a Specialized Environment Requiring Specialized Features

Features like heavy duty subframes to keep the body strong. Features like flexible mounting systems to allow the body to move independently from the chassis. Features like true pump-and-roll to allow a strong, steady fire attack while the truck moves at whatever speed the operator desires. KME has supplied apparatus to some of the most demanding wildland agencies and departments. More importantly, though, we’ve listened to them and learned from their experience. If you need a Wildland vehicle for your department, let KME put that experience to use for you in designing the truck that meets your needs.

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