For 20 years Metz Fire & Rescue has been a leader in the Fire & Rescue equipment business. Today, we are dedicated to delivering high value, state of the art fire trucks to the Canadian marketplace.

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Revolutionary Body Design and Construction

KME designs and manufactures thousands of innovative pumper body configurations in a variety of materials to satisfy the needs of your environment as well as your budget. Body construction is available in Galvanneal Steel, Aluminum, 3CR12 Stainless Steel, and 304L Stainless Steel.

Corrosion is the biggest enemy to fire bodies, and KME takes extra steps to avoid this by utilizing the same subframe material as the body, as well as installing several isolation barriers, and utilizing a special coated fastener to eliminate dissimilar metal interaction. The formed construction technique utilized by KME allows for more storage space for the customized tools carried by your department.

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