For 20 years Metz Fire & Rescue has been a leader in the Fire & Rescue equipment business. Today, we are dedicated to delivering high value, state of the art fire trucks to the Canadian marketplace.

Fire Trucks Recent Deliveries KME Milton AerialCat

KME Milton AerialCat

Milton Aerial

GSO 8750

KME 79’ AerialCat Ladder

KME’s featured delivery of the day is GSO 8750 Milton FD, Ontario Canada 79’ Rearmount AerialCat Ladder. When you serve an area as large as 141 square miles where 40% of it is urban and 60% is rural being prepared is key. Equipped with storage on the Officers side base section for 50’ of 1 ¾” hose for use with the Task Force Tips VUM (valve under monitor) elevated stand pipe, a Waterous CSU-1500 GPM Single Stage Pump, a 480 US Gallon/ 400 Imperial Gallon Poly Water Tank, Milton is prepared to engage if first on scene. Other interesting features are a 1 ½ discharge with both the hose and plumbing enclosed, and EMS equipment storage with EMS compartments inside and outside the cab. First On Scene Preparedness – Another Example Of How KME Works For You! Check out more spec information on the KME website: Products : Aerials : Rear Mount Ladders